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Spinning Our Problems Away

I am not one who will indulge in personal grips or adding to any speculation on political matter.  I am very politically minded and I will voice my opinion to my friends and family, but often it is kept internally.  But I have come across an article I read in The Age about the Victoria spinner Fawad Ahmed.  Until recently he was a Pakistani who visited Australia legitimately under a short stay visa.  While he was here he then claimed refugee status for religious persecution.  All of this, I have no issues with.  I am sure these issues are right within the realm of his right to argue and if he is being persecuted for religious beliefs then he has a right to claim.  My problem is the way they are going about rushing him into the Australia Cricket team for the Ashes series.

Australia has a lack of quality spinners at the moment, with the retirement of Shane Warne there has been no one really to even come close.  Our cricketers are currently touring India, I believe they would have more success if they were taking in the sites than trying to play cricket but their problems are far deeper than I will mention here.  But the point I am getting at, is the use of Ahmed in the Australian team.  One day I hope he gets here, but I am worried that he, is in some way jumping the queue for the sake of being needed for the “greater good”.  If the Minister of Immigration, Chris Bowen decides to fast track his citizenship to me it will be in mockery of our current immigration policies where thousands of potentially legitimate refugees are left, in limbo on Manus Island and Naroo while he, also a refugee, but because we are short on spinners as he has shown spinning prowess we will move him to the head of the queue.

So is that a thing the people smugglers can sell, if you can show playing a sport we are lacking in, cricket is the flavour of the moment as it looks likely we will be beaten in India 4-0 and possibly lose the Ashes to England 5-0 (which is worse) then learn how to spin, learn how to bat, Cricket Australia will endorse your for fast tracking your citizenship and you will be in the country sooner than you could pay a people smuggler.

We are helping one person because what they do, we should be treating them all equally, without looking at what they can offer for it they are legitimate refugees then we have an obligation as human beings to help those less fortunate than ourselves.  If this happens, Chris Bowen should hang his head in shame.