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An addition to the Office Cut/Copy and Paste

I read a post, WORD, EXCEL, and POWERPOINT: Copy and Paste Commands ,unlike the user of the post I am no MS office expert, but having used it since the good old version of 4.3 (in fact I still have version 4.3 running on a Windows 3.11 virtual machine, which I might post about later) I felt that I just wanted to include these additions for the sake of completeness.


From the Ribbon

Keyboard Shortcuts

Cut image Shift + Delete
Copy image Ctrl + Insert
Paste image Shift + Insert
Paste Special image Ctrl + Alt + V

Yes I know the new shortcuts are from the good old days of DOS but they still work.  They are there to be used and work, believe it or not, across the board and not just in Office applications.

The Paste Special comes from the drop down arrow at the bottom of the Paste button.  Clicking this will display a Dialog showing the options to paste the object in as.


The options change based on what is on the clipboard.


Thanks to MOS Expert for the initial post.