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Memories of a Model

This is a different post, certainly departing a little way from the computer, or gaming related posts.  This one is about a model, not a sports or swim-suit model, though I have many fond memories of them, more so about a scale model.  The model that got me into modelling in the first place was, this;


The Knight Industries 2000 or KITT.  I was about 9 years old when I got this, and pretty much did it.  I was a fan of the show, had books and loved watching and then to get the model was massive.  This was before my understanding of models and how they go together.

Interestingly I would love to rebuild this kit now.  But it doesn’t hold the same feeling as another model did.  I received this as gift like the KITT kit and I have to this day have the more fond memories of this kit.  Now, it is a very difficult to track down and I am still, to this day looking for it I will update this if I ever do get my hands on one.

Normally in the world of model making I like to make military aircraft.  Nothing out of the ordinary there, but I stay away from science fiction models often due to the detail and I do not have the ability to handle a lot of this detail.  Now, this kit, was released as part of several kits when people we wondering what the new secret air force fighter plane was rumoured.  Stealth was the next flavour of planes and they knew this was going to be the direction.  Of course the USAF was tight lipped about this and rightly so. 

First the names, since the previous aircraft was F-15 Eagle, F-16 Falcon, F/A-18 Hornet and now the next number in the list was F-19.  So the major retail model makes were releasing kits of their ideas of the next “F” designation aircraft in the stealth fighter.

There were 3 companies that released a version of the stealth fighter kit, Monogram, Revell and Testors.  The Testors one was possibly the closest to the actual F-117A that was released, the Monogram one was a radical departure but was a nice looking plane and the Revell looked like a hybrid of the two others.


The one above is the Monogram one. 

This above is the Testors one

This is the Revell one.  As you can see similarities and differences between the three designs.  And below is the real fighter that was released after this.

As you can see none of them are that close, but it does show a different take on aircraft design in comparison to the original jets we were used in the F-16 and F/A-18.  Suffice to say, the model I remember was the Monogram one.  Like I said one day I will get to find and build properly the F-19 Stealth Fighter that never was.