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Sony E3 Press Conference

BMcVkQcCIAEHZEmThe showed the PS3 line-up, stating that there will be a special bundle of the PS3 with Grand Theft Auto V with the game and Pulse Headset which will be available on 17 September. The Last of Us which will be released in a few days after E3, and has received very positive reviews from most critics.  They talked about the Vita and its position in relation to the PS4, and it seems to be used as the second device screen but the screen size might be limiting in comparison to tablets, we will see.  But it needs to be used.

  • The Order 1886 – This looks very good.  An interesting setting and themes, showing it is set in like an alternate history period, this was a trailer it showed some gameplay footage but they claimed it was in-engine footage.  Always tough to know with trailers like that when they look very good.  This would be a game worth keeping an eye on.  This is an exclusive game for the PS4
  • Killzone Shadowfall, they showed off a CG trailer for this, but there will be more videos coming on this as it will be on the show floor.
  • Drive Club, it showed some more footage of the game but it is going to be a launch title.  This is similar to what was shown at Ubisoft’s conference with The Crew, with the jump in and jump out style of multi-player gameplay.  This looks like an interesting driving game but it will also be free to PlayStation Plus members (Though I am not sure if this is an ongoing free thing or not).
  • Infamous Second Son will be release 2014 in the first quarter.  They showed the way the game works in a manner not proper game play footage.  It looks great but isn’t quite the same as what I might have thought it was.  Watching this made me think a lot of the original Infamous.
  • Knack, this is going to be a launch title and it has shown some simple footage and CG trailer to show it off.  It has connected gameplay which they are wanting to sell as a big feature, being able to take the game off the PS4 and onto the Vita and from memory this is something they are wanting all PS4 games to support, which does a form of game streaming to the PS Vita.
  • The Dark Sorcerer is said to be a technical demonstration of the ability of the PS4 but they did this for the PS3 and it turned into a game of sorts which was Heavy Rain.  But is foes look wonderful and Quantic Dream know how to create good looking games.

Independent developers they wanted to wooed as well.  There is a hefty line up for independent games being released as they mentioned exclusive or console debut exclusive (meaning first to PS4).  There was some interesting looking one but the New ‘n’ Tasty remake of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddyssee looks really good.  I enjoyed that game, do it would be great to get that one in HD.  You can look at the complete list which is long here.  This also includes games for the PS4, PS3 and the PS Vita.
They are looking also at the self publishing model, but there isn’t too many details released about that.

  • Final Fantasy  XV (the game formerly known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII) a nice modern setting for a final fantasy game, SquareEnix certainly know how to make CG trailers, they are so impressive if only they are able to bring that to the gameplay.  It is nice to finally see something about this game and it nice to know that they have renamed it as well.  The gameplay footage that they showed did show some traditional menus for attack and items but it seemed very fast paced so it would be interesting to see more on this.
  • They also spoke of Final Fantasy XIV coming to the PS3 and PS4 exclusively as well.  Which is a nice one, another MMO on a console, this could help push things.  FF XIV was slated to be a PS3 title but with the problems with the game and the relaunch of the game as well it makes sense they are putting into the new console.
  • Kingdom Hearts III is an exclusive for the PS4 from everything that I saw and with the up and coming, HD remakes of all of the Kingdom hearts for the PS3 it would make sense to start the journey if you haven’t as weird as the concept and stories might be they are touching stories and up there with some of SquareEnix’s best stories.
  • Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag demonstration looks an impressive game but it is still very much like any of the Assassin’s Creed games I have played.  There were what looked like pauses in the gameplay but it seems to be the console that they were playing had issues.
  • Watchdogs is showing a live demo that is on PS4 from what appears to be.  The populated world looks very realistic in the way people look at you.  The rain effects are also very nice especially when it was on the car.  There was also a bit of interesting with someone on a mobile device but they didn’t really show how this worked properly.
  • NBA 2K14 coming from 2K games obviously, it looks decent but I am thinking that the basketball game you get would be the one from EA and NBA Live 2014.  Just the difference seems to be there, but since this was more a promotional video than showing anything and any of the 2014 sports games will not be released until, well 2014 it is a bit of a nothing comment as more information will be released closer to the time.
  • Elder Scrolls Online, a partnership, though I am unsure that this will entail but it said that it will have an exclusive first beta on PS4, which will be obviously after the launch of the PS4.  From everything I have seen about this game so far it seems more an experience playable on the console than on the PC.  Since there isn’t that need for mapping lots of abilities onto hot bars as there seems to be more emphasis on the real time nature of the combat as in strike and block when you pull the triggers, etc…
  • Mad Max it looked nice, I hope they got Mel Gibson’s voice for it as it wouldn’t be the same.  But the model they used was from the one used from Mel Gibson from the original Mad Max movie, so it would be good.  But it was a CG trailer without a doubt but it looks very good and I will want to know more from this in the future.

No restriction on used games, which is a nice dig at Microsoft which rightly so made the crowd elate in this revelation.  They are talking about that it can be lent, sold, or kept forever without restrictions.  I have no doubt this is a direct dig at the PS4.  Including the PS4 disc based games do not need to be connected online to play.  No authentication if you have the disc and you don’t ever need to authentication and will not stop working within 24 hours, this is another direct dig at Microsoft and the XBOX One.

  • Destiny looks incredible, it really does.  It seems that Bungie has gone all out on this.  I think I may have to try this game, it is a persistent online game where you can play solo and join public events where things happen.  Typical Sci-Fi shooter in many ways but it was a simple demonstration of the game and this is one that I will take great interest in. 
    I was not a fan of the Halo series but I do understand what they did for the console shooter.  I did notice though there were some pauses in this let us hope this is only because these games are rushed into working format for the demonstration and might not be the best code they are running on or running on Dev Kits which are not optimised.
    They showed an interesting use of the touch pad on the PS4 controller by navigating the menus for the inventory.

US$399, €399 and £349 but no comment on Australia though based on often the past this will be AU$549 which means we get screwed yet again.  Some might think that €399 which is US$529 and 349 which is converted to US$543 screws you, and rightly so if you do look at a comparison to the US conversion, ours is US$517.  I do not believe that they can continue this, or legally they shouldn’t anywhere.  Since the machines are all coming from China, it would cost the same to deliver most places around the world.

One of the final mentions is the back catalogue of games that PlayStation has will be served up using Gaikai technology which is a cloud game streaming service Sony purchased.  This would be good as they have some wonderful games that are on the PlayStation and PS2 consoles, and with the PS4 not being backwards compatible, having ways to play your older games on the PS4 makes sense.


Sony were slow to start but it seemed that they were warming up and by the end were firing on all cylinders.  No physical date set but I did hear a mention about the holidays.  So this could be November or December, but since Microsoft has not said a date either other than November it could be Sony are merely playing coy about the date, wait for MS or, they are not sure when all the products will be ready and are not setting a date yet.

To me, with the Nintendo Direct event tomorrow I would say that Sony seems to have this E3 in the bag.  The quality of exclusives and the calibre they showed in the press event showed they were not shying away from this or the previous generation.  But there are some games i saw here, that though they might be available on the XBOX One it seems that my mind might be made up for a PS4 version since there are things I am more confident about with the PS4.